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Buzzetti Chain Clip Link Pliers

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Brand: Buzzetti
Model: DS A1210
Reward Points: 29
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Ex Tax: $26.04

DS MK0575H - Deluxe chain breaker / riveter set.  Cuts chain rivet link, presses the chain together to correct depth, and flares the holes in pins on rivet links.

DS A0536 - Folding chain breaker for chain pin sizes 530, 428 & 420.

DS A0555 - Roller chain breaker for cyhain sizes 25-60mm. - now DS A1260

DS MK1330 - Mini chain press.

DS MK1150 - Cam chain breaker / riveter.

DS A1210 - Chain clip link pliers.  Specifically designed for fitting / removing retaining clips.

DS A1260 - Basic chain breaker.

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