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Scottoiler Traditional Scottoil Scottoiler Hi-Temp Scottoil
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Brand: Scottoiler
Model: OI RM200009
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Scottoil Traditional Oil (Blue): Specifically blended for use with Scottoiler chain lube systems.

Scottoil Hi-Temp Oi; (Red): Designed for use in warmer climates with ambient temperatures of 20-40 degrees C. Because of the increased viscosity of this oil it is also ideally suited for use with older Scottoiler systems.

FST52 Cleaner Degreaser: An environmentally friendly, bio-degradable cleaning solution. It has been developed specifically to offer high performance cleaning and degreasing whilst also being safe to use.

FS365 Corrosion Protector: Another award winning product from Scottoiler which is specially formulated to stop corrosion.

TMX 365 Corrosion Protector: Scottoiler TMX365 Off-Road Bike Protection is a protector spray for off-road bikes, which not only protects from dirt and corrosion, but also makes cleaning the bike much easier


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