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428 O Ring Clip Link

Sale Chain EK Standard
Chain EX530 Standard Chain EK532 ZVO
Product viewed: 5100
Brand: EX Chains
Model: 87-428SO JOINER
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$2.50 $5.95
Save: 58%
Ex Tax: $2.17

EK and EX standard chain.
For low output motorcycles or
Classic and older bikes.

EK SR Heavy Duty chain
Solid bush. “Super sport” - for more powerfull applications.

Z-ring chain. For the superbikes
Of yesteryear running 532 pitch chain. “Z” O-ring chain.

SLC 530H Heavy Duty chain
Good for the everyday commuter. Many medium sized 80’s motorcycles came OEM
With 530H chain. 

SLC 530HO O-ring chain
Fits the majority of modern bikes.
Sufficient for most normal road applications.

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