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Emgo Brake Shoes 719

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Brand: Emgo
Model: 92-42016
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Brake Pads and Shoes for: Street Bikes, Classic British Bikes, Scooters, Dirt Bikes and ATVs.

EMGO Replacement Disc Brake Pads meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications. They are available in two types: Replacement OEM (Regular) and sintered metal, which is a high performance disc brake pad manufactured from a highly refined composition of metallic powders pressed into a preform mold. Sold by the pair, left and right (some models require more than one set). Each pair is slide-packed with the back of the card showing application information for easy point of sale display.

EMGO Replacement Brake Shoes meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications. They are available in two types: Replacement OEM (Regular) and water grooved, which are slotted to help channel water and dirt away from the braking surface. Sold by the pair (some models require more than one set), each set is boxed. Like Emgo Brake Pads, each set is labelled with application information and each box has a reinforced hang tab for point of sale display.

 for fitment catalogue

Non Asbestos Pads can be ordered by substituting 91- in place of 90-

Non Asbestos Shoes can be ordered by substituting 93- in place of 92-

NOTE: You can easily search the catalogues. Select which one suits the bike you're looking for brakes for (or the complete catalogue if you prefer) and once it is loaded onto your computer (for a PC) hold down the "Ctrl" key and at the same time, the "F" key. This will bring up the search window and then type in the bike model. Then hit the enter key. If you are using a Mac, you'll need to use the Apple key and the F key.

You can also save the files to your computer, by right-clicking the mouse (holding the button down) and selecting "save target as" instead of opening the pdf - if you want to save all the parts of the catalogue, you are best to select the file named "Complete Emgo Brake Pad/Shoe Catalogue"

Make Model Years
Kawasaki MULE 2510 DIESEL 1980 - 2014

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