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Exo2 Storm Walker Heated Jacket and Gilet - POWER PACK 15V 5 LEVEL

EXO2 Power Pack Exo2 Storm Walker Vest EXO2 StormWalker 2 Heated Jacket
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Model: EXO-A8W-15V
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Heat panels located at lower back/kidney area. This heated body gilet allows the freedom to enjoy outdoor activities whilst keeping warm and dry, without adding bulky padding. Powered by Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) Rechargeable Batteries or Adaptors to provide a safe, reliable and controllable warmth.

Product Description: This innovative heated garment is manufactured using a new, breathable, lightweight, waterproof & windproof fabric called AirXtream. Its body hugging characteristics help the resulting garment to look equally stylish on men or women with a breathable membrane offering unsurpassed condensation control.

StormWalker is not supplied with our EXO² Power Pack & Charger Unit as standard, but can be purchased separately, fitting snugly within an inner pocket inside the left hand main pocket, so that both hand pockets are fully usable ; the FabRoc® heated panel is located at the lower back/kidney area, and is designed to attain a temperature of approximately 43 degrees C, lasting for up to 3 hours on a single charge, or several days when used for quick 'boosts' of warmth. EXO² FabRoc® Heated panel technology is so versatile and robust it can even be hand washed!

Function: DC connector within waistcoat attaches to fused motorcycle power cable or alternatively the optional EXO² Power Pack located within side pocket to provide up to three hours of constant warmth.

Temperature Range: In the currently available, standard StormWalker Vest, the Fabroc® polymeric material heats users through encapsulation and clothing layers to an optimum of 43°C. Specific temperature requirements can be addressed for volume users between parameters of 30°C to 50°C.

To work with the EXO heat controller, an adaptor must also be purchased (EXO-P25S13).



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